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Finish Installation of Nesting CNC Router Machine in Canada for ACP Sheet Process

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Nesting CNC Machine NA-1650 is finished installation in Canada in October ,2022

nesting cnc router

Nesting CNC Router Machine NA-1650 is special designed for ACP processing. With big working size 1600*5000mm , machine can process big ACP sheet.And any other big size machine is customized.

What is ACP sheet panel?

ACP is one short name, full form is Aluminum composite panel.Normally it is described as sandwich panel. It is made of composite material.This panel consist of three layers.The first is the Aluminum Surface, the second is the Polyethylene Care or Mineral Fire Rated Core and the third is the Aluminum Surface itself.The typical thickness of ACP is 3mm,4mm,and 6mm.

ACP sheet

What is application of ACP sheet?

Aluminum composite panels are often used as exterior cladding or facades of buildings for signs canopies, shopfronts, bar and shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, commercial structures, etc.

It can also be applied in interior applications like false ceilings, wallcovering cabinets, wardrobe, kitchen modular and table-top covers, and many more.

It is also applied in the aviation industry, where mechanical performance and weight savings are vital.

How we use cnc router machine to process ACP sheets?

It is easy to process ACP sheet on a cnc router. It contains three steps, first step is using tool to drill holes, second step is to slot on ACP sheets by special V grave tool. After slotting,ACP sheet can turn it to be 90 degree corner. The last step is cutting. This step will cut finished ACP sheet off. The following picture shows detail technical data of special tool.

nesting cnc router machine

Italy HSD 9.0kw spindle installed on this cnc nesting machine

HSD spindle

We installed mist cooling system on this machine specially for aluminum or ACP cutting .Mist cooling system will cool the tool during cutting and ensures that no aluminium sticking problem.

mist cooling system

Two 7.5kw Taiwan EUROVAC equipped with this machine(250m3/h),which will hold material flat and tightly.

vacuum pump


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