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Innovation And R&D

According to customers’ requirements,our company can also provide total solutions for customized furniture production,under the principle of “Quality is life,honesty is way of living,service is the foundation”.Our company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification ,certificate of intellectual property management and high-technology enterprise certificate. With the most advanced electronic testing equipment,such as laser interferometer and ball bar,our company ensures the high precision and stability for every machine,so that we can supply reliable and stable cnc machine to customers,and to provide users with stable performance and reliable quality.Welcome to visit our factory at any time.

Mechanical Parts Machining

Manufacturing Processing

As standard,we install linear rail like this : first we uses a datum shoulder on the mounting base and provides accurate horizontal alignment in the same way used for machine tools. Then we use the first rail as a reference for the second rail. Parallelism between two linear rail is required to be ≤0.03mm
After installing linear rail, we will use linear rail as a reference.There are two factors we tested during install helical rack: first we need test parallelism between linear rail and helical gear. Second,we need test gap accuracy between two helical racks.
Vertical accuracy of X Y aixs is very important for cnc machine, it will determines the diagonal accuracy for finished panels.
Vertical accuracy of spindle not only determines the accuracy of your product, but also will will have an effort on service life of spindle.

All Three Axes Motion Accuracy

This is a precision measurement tool that collects axis movement when moving in circular motion.The Ballbar test will measure any deviation the machine makes from a perfect circle recording data as the two axis work together.Problems with the mchine such as squareness backlash,level,bad ballscrews,bearings,reversal spikes, servo mismatch,stick slip,vibration and other problems can be determined.Ballbar testing can also be beneficial in finding the optimum feedrate which a machine can run at depending on the size of the circular interpolation.

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