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How does the Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line work?

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The cabinet Production line consists of many steps. Do you know what the country of Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line is? How to maintain the Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line?

  • l  What is the Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line?

  • l  What are the key points of the Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line?

  • l  How to maintain Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line?

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What is the Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line?

The planning and design of the furniture factory is the general industry is much more complex, the varieties of products, equipment, facilities, technology, management, production scale, production mode, products involved in the change of the rich, the technological process of multifarious, disparity of the scale of production, production combination, are rarely some other industry. Furniture of the construction of factory is in fact a systems engineering, in addition to involving the product itself, also involves the planning, construction, water and electricity, fire protection, lighting lighting, landscaping, production equipment and production line, factory, transport and logistics, environmental safety, storage, production site management and so on a series of related field and subprojects, is a combination of these results.

What are the key points of the Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line?

1.To parts of the specifications of the raw material, processing characteristics, and analysis, in does not affect the appearance as much as possible under the premise of standardization, modularization, can optimize the process route, the kinds of tooling equipment and parts processing equipment adjust time, to make the production process more smoothly, greatly shorten the production cycle, and effectively reduce capital takes up the pressure on products.

2.Whether panel or solid wood products, can use the corresponding design software for design, and from the design end can be associated with the process and CNC equipment, so as to shorten the process document preparation time before production.

3.Excellent furniture design software, through 3d product modeling, can automatically generate parts three-view production drawings, parts corresponding bar code, parts list (BOM), numerical control equipment processing code and other production factor files, can greatly shorten the process design time, and improve the efficiency of designers. real

How to maintain Cabinet Making Furniture Production Line

1.After processing, the dust and sawdust on the table and exposed electrical accessories should be cleaned in time to keep the table and machine clean.

2.Clean the dirt and debris on the guide rail, rack and slider regularly to prevent the interference of debris from causing problems in the working process of the machine.

3.The screw determines the accuracy of the machine in the equipment, and the screw is also indispensable in the transmission process. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular cleaning of the screw of the CNC machine to prevent oil dust and other foreign matters stuck on the screw.

4.Clean the electrical distribution box regularly, dust is the biggest killer of circuit board failure, dust a little more will lead to the operation of circuit board problems, it is easy to run breakpoints, machine running disorder and so on.

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