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Industrial 3-Axis Woodworking CNC Machinery


Product Introduction:

This industrial 3 axis cnc machinery is mainly for European market. Automatic loading and unloading function allows machine load both big panel size(7*9 feet) and small panel(4*8 feet) automatically. Thus this machine will increase working efficiency and reduce labor.

Product Advantage:


Machine structure

This model structure are welded by heavy duty tubular.After stress relieved,we use 5 axis cnc machining center to machine this total machine structure,which lays the foundation of higher accuracy of linear rail and rack installation.

machine structure


Gantry support

All gantry support is made from cast iron.After precision machining,it has three to five times more compression strength compared to steel.and it has good machinability ,durability and excellent anti-vibration properties.



It comes standard with 12HP air cooling automatic tool change spindle with standard ER32 collet and ISO30 tool holders.Its spindle speed is from 3000 to 24000RPM


Dust free vacuum hood

It is specially designed for panel furniture production.There are air blast in four different directions, so when tool cutting the panel, air will blow dust up, then dust collector can remove 90 percentage dust by pipes.


Material alignment aluminum bar

We use two aluminum bar for material alignment.These aluminum bar will keeps high accuracy


%1- position linear tool magazine

This linear tool magazine is installed under gantry instead of on the back of machine. It will reduce tool changing time and increase working efficiency.12 tools in total also allow this machine to finish complex process


Nesting vacuum table

There is one big vacuum chamber between two layer of nesting vacuum table,this will improve absorption capability of vacuum table, thus panel material will be hold tightly.Besides we have installed big screws in vacuum table which are used to fix sacrificed MDF sheet,it is much more easier for operator compared to gluing.


Tool calibration

Automatic tool calibration will measure all tools length automatically,thus controller will know very accurate length of each tool, then machine will finish multi tool process smoothly. Besides there is one air pipe beside the tool calibration, before tool calibration, the air pipe will open to remove dust on the surface of tool sensor, which will keeps high accuracy.


Tool holder clamp

This holder clamp supply one easy way for operator to change tool manually only with one ER32 wrench.Compared normal way to tight collet nut with two wrenches,this way is not only safer,but also it can protect tools in the spindle.


Loading vacuum cups

There are three vacuum cups as standard. When machine load big panel(2100*2800mm),this machine will use all three vacuum cups,while when machine load one small panel(4*8feet),machine will use two of them.


Plastic drag chain

We separate encoder cable ,motor cable,and air pipe when we install then into plastic drag chain by plastic isolator. Thus encoder signal will not affacted by motor cable with high voltage,at the same time, it will protect those cables and pipes.



X Y axis vertical accuracy

After adjusting verticality of x y axis is less than 0.03mm,then we install location pins between gantry and gantry support.


Adjustable screws

After adjusting verticality of x y axis is less than 0.03mm,we also install adjustable screws between gantry and gantry support.(there is one adjustable screw together on each gantry support)


Spindle vertical accuracy

spindle verticality is also very important. First we adjust spindle verticality less than 0.03mm,then we install location pins on spindle plate


Screws marked

We will mark all screws after testing.There are two advantages for doing this,first mechanical engineer will make sure all screws are tight properly ,secondly once screw loose after using,operator can easily find which part is loose, convenient for maintenance

Technical Parameters:

Series NA-2821F
Working size 2100*2800*150mm
Table size 2100*2800mm
Transmission X Y rack and pinion,Z ball screw
Spindle 9kw ISO30
Travelling speed 50m/min
Working speed 20m/min
Driving system Inovance
Controller Syntec
Voltage AC380V/220V,50/60HZ,3PH
Dimension 3850*2260*2150mm


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