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Is 5 axis CNC woodworking machine necessary?

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More and more factories are producing 5 axis CNC woodworking machines. What is the purpose of a 5-axis CNC router? Why choose 5 axis CNC woodworking machine?

  • l  What is the purpose of a 5-axis CNC router?

  • l  Why choose 5 axis CNC woodworking machine?

  • l  What are the components of five axis CNC milling machine?

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What is the purpose of a 5-axis CNC router?

5 axis CNC engraving machine is the latest high-tech CNC engraving machine. Most 5-axis CNC machines are large multi-spindle 3D machining centers. Five-axis CNC milling machine set advanced structure design technology, computer control, high-performance servo drive, precision machining technology in one, has been widely used in metal cutting, precision machining, large material processing and other fields. Field. Five-axis CNC machine tools have significantly improved the manufacturing level of aviation, military, automobile, model and other industries.

Why choose 5 axis CNC woodworking machine?

1.         The 5-CNC machine has extremely high machining quality. The surface of the workpiece is very smooth. The best 5-axis CNC machines have five machining axes, including two rotating axes, through which complex shapes can be designed and machined. For example, in processing irregularities

2.         Five-axis CNC machining centers in the machining of deeper, steeper cavities, the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or spindle can create optimal process conditions for end milling, avoiding tools, tool rest, and hollow walls. Collision reduces the risk of tool jitter and tool damage during machining, thus helping to improve die surface quality, machining efficiency and tool durability.

What are the components of five axis CNC milling machine?

1.         The frame is the basic part of the five-axis CNC milling machine, which consists of a bed, a column and a workbench. They mainly bear all the equipment and the pressure generated during machining of the 5-axis CNC machine, so the frame must be strong enough. Most of these large pieces are cast iron or welded steel structures. They are the largest components in the machining center by volume and weight.

2.         The machining spindle is composed of headstock, spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearing. Generally, we use the computer to control the start, stop and speed of the spindle, through the tool to achieve the workpiece processing. The machining spindle is also a very important part of 5-axis CNC machine tools, because it will directly affect the processing quality and speed of machine tools.

3.         The controller system of the five-axis CNC engraving machine is generally composed of CNC software, programming software, servo drive device and the operating system on the computer. We input instructions through programming software and then import them into the machine through CNC software. Then implement carving. This is also the most critical part of the 5-axis CNC router machine.

4.         Automatic tool changing system consists of tool library, manipulator driving mechanism and other components. When the need to change the tool, CNC system issued instructions, manipulator (or through other means) will be removed from the tool library, installed in the main shaft hole. It solves the tasks of automatic storage, selection, transportation and tool change in multi-process continuous machining after one clamping. The cutter library (cutter head) is the device for storing all the tools used in the machining process. Knife library for the disk chain, capacity from a few to several hundred. The structure of the tool arm is different according to the relative position and structure of the tool library and the spindle, and there are many forms, such as single arm, double arm, etc.

5.         In addition to the above important components, five-axis CNC machine tools also have many auxiliary devices, such as oil and gas lubrication system, cooling device, vacuum cleaner detection system and other auxiliary accessories.

Five-axis CNC machine tools play an important role in many industries. If you need to purchase good quality and reasonably priced 5 axis CNC router, DWD MECHATRONICS CO., LTD is a good choice.

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