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What are the uses of 5-aixs CNC router machine?

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5-aixs CNC router machine is more and more widely used in various fields. What is 5-axis CNC router? What are the types of five-axis CNC machine tools?

  • l  What is a 5-axis CNC router?

  • l  What are the types of five-axis CNC machine tools?

  • l  What are the advantages of 5-aixs CNC router machine?

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What is a 5-axis CNC router?

5 axis CNC engraving machine is the latest high-tech CNC engraving machine. Most 5-axis CNC machines are large multi-spindle 3D machining centers. Five-axis CNC milling machine set advanced structure design technology, computer control, high-performance servo drive, precision machining technology in one, has been widely used in metal cutting, precision machining, large material processing and other fields. Field. Five-axis CNC machine tools have significantly improved the manufacturing level of aviation, military, automobile, model and other industries. A 5-axis CNC machine tool is a tool that can process the workpiece in five different directions. This processing method is not only fast processing speed, but also high quality.

What are the types of five-axis CNC machine tools?

1.         There are many categories for 5-axis CNC machine tools. The most popular are the six types of 5-axis CNC machines. There are small 5-axis CNC machine, 5-axis linkage machining center, 5-axis precision CNC engraving machine, 5-axis high-frequency CNC engraving machine, 5-axis CNC engraving machine, vertical 5-axis CNC engraving machine and so on.

2.         If the number of processing axis classification, can be divided into three categories. The first is that the head of the machine has two rotating axes, and the machine has a rotating head that can rotate 360 degrees around the Z axis, which greatly improves the machining flexibility of this 5-axis CNC router. Improved, larger processing area, higher processing quality. The second is the rotating shaft on the table and the nose. This 5-axis CNC machine tool is simple in structure and flexible in operation. The third is a 5-axis CNC milling machine with two rotating axes on the worktable. The machine works from +30° to -120°. There is also a turntable in the middle of the table. It is usually a mini 5 axis CNC machine.

What are the advantages of 5-aixs CNC router machine?

1.         At present, the 5-axis woodworking CNC engraving machine is mainly a common three-axis CNC engraving machine, which has disadvantages such as poor accuracy and single function. Engraving requirements are more complex, need to repeatedly clamping workpiece, engraving cost is high, the work efficiency is low. Compared with complex engraving, the new five-axis woodworking engraving machine does not need to be clamped many times, but can be molded once, which can ensure the accuracy of the workpiece and improve the processing efficiency.

2.         Due to the large processing area of the 5-axis CNC milling machine, the workpiece can be processed once, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the machine, and effectively reduce the time wasted by replacing the workpiece and the tool. In addition, the 5-axis CNC machine has a large spindle speed and feed range, so that the machine has a strong cutting capacity. Even relatively hard workpieces can be quickly machined, and products can be cut and milling at high speed. This reduces turnaround time for semi-finished products and improves production efficiency and accuracy.

3.         The 5-axis CNC machine has extremely high machining quality. The resulting workpiece surface is very smooth because it has five machining axes, which allow the workpiece to be machined from multiple directions and can be machined using different tools. Therefore, 5-axis CNC routers produce very high-quality products.

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