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What is 6 sides Drilling Machine?

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The 6 Sides Boring Machine has been welcomed by manufacturers for greatly improving processing efficiency and automation. Why do people prefer 6-sides Drilling machines? What are the features of the 6 Sides Drilling equipment?

  • l  What is the 6 sides Drilling Machine?

  • l  Why do people prefer 6-sides Drilling machines?

  • l  Is a 6 Sides Drilling equipment necessary for manufacturers?

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What is the 6 sides Drilling Machine?

Hexagonal drilling as the name implies is can complete a machining workpiece front and back and four side holes of all holes CNC drilling processing center equipment, the middle does not need manual pick up plate, high precision, labor province! The front end is used with high-end CNC cutting machine or electronic cutting saw to truly realize the intelligent production of panel furniture assembly line.

In terms of processing efficiency, the application of laser side hole machine is still manual plate turning, the labor intensity of workers is still very large, and the line operation is not coherent. The application of CNC hexagon drill, panel furniture production line to truly realize automation, assembly line operations. General opening machine with side hole machine, 8 hours a day average processing of 60 plates. Open material with five side drill/six side drill, 8 hours a day can be processed to an average of 120 boards.

Why do people prefer 6-sides Drilling machines?

1.  For custom furniture panels, cabinet body panels, 15%-20%, there are double-sided perforated panels. Five side drill needs, back plate, manual turn and then hit the second side. This leads to two problems. With 20% more manual work, a 6 Sides Drilling equipment can produce 15% more than a five-sided drill. The datum switch problem, double-sided punching plate datum is changed, if the cutting accuracy is not enough, it will affect the precision of the hole position.

2. Because of the emergence of the 6 Sides Drilling equipment on the market, the sales of five-sided drill has decreased a lot, the price has also dropped to the freezing point, and many manufacturers have cut the production of five-sided drill. And now the hexagon drill is not only a simplex, double drill package, but also a representative of the technical strength of the double position hexagon drill, the price is relatively high, but the output efficiency is much higher than the simplex, more than doubled. If the strength permits, you can consider a two-position hexagon drill.

Is a 6 Sides Drilling equipment necessary for manufacturers?

The high degree of automation of the six-side drill, no need to pick up the plate manually, save part of the operator, reduce the labor cost. In a word, CNC hexagon drill automation degree is high, high precision, and the province of labor, for the mass production of panel furniture enterprises, it is necessary to equip a CNC hexagon drill. But the price of 6 Sides Drilling equipment is also relatively high, so we must look for the manufacturer when buying, go to the manufacturer to visit, to see if it really has the strength of production CNC 6 Sides Drilling equipment equipment.

If you need to purchase good quality and reasonably priced 6 Sides Boring Machine, DWD MECHATRONICS CO.,LTD is a good choice.

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