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What is automatic six side cnc boring machine

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The automatic six side cnc boring machine delivers superior machining efficiency and accuracy compared to similar products. What is the purpose of the Automatic 6 Side CNC Boring Machine? 6 Sides Boring Machine

  • l  What are the uses of the 6 Sides Boring Machine?

  • l  What are the advantages of automatic six side cnc boring machine?

  • l  How does the automatic six side cnc boring machine work?

automatic six side cnc boring machine

What are the uses of the 6 Sides Boring Machine?

Six sides drill is used in panel furniture production, plate punching and pull groove machining nc drilling equipment, numerical control six sides drill is swept through wireless code gun, scan information processing plate hole and slot, positioning a panel of four sides and the positive and negative face processing and both the front and back of the card slot of panel processing, processing of high efficiency and fast speed, It is an essential CNC drilling equipment for high-end custom furniture manufacturers.

What are the advantages of automatic six side cnc boring machine?

1.         Automatic positioning: double clamp automatic splint, automatic loading processing, one time to achieve six face processing and positive and negative groove processing, after the completion of processing clamp will automatically load the plate sorting rotary platform, high processing efficiency;

2.         Air floating table: ensure machining accuracy, reduce friction, effectively protect the surface of the plate, prevent scratching the plate;

3.         The grasping hand blowing function: the dust on the surface of the plate at the grasping plate is blown off to ensure the grasp strength and ensure the processing accuracy;

4.         A variety of discharging mode: forward before out, forward after out can choose, forward after out mode plate processing through the rotary platform transmission to the sorting area;

How does the automatic six side cnc boring machine work?

1.         Design the cabinet that you want to produce on the design and disassembly software, and optimize the layout of the disassembly. (The equipment should be connected before optimizing the layout, and it should be clear whether the cutting is only the cutting, and the hole position and slot position are processed with a six-sided drill.) If the six-sided drill is used for hole position processing and slot position processing, the exported program will be divided into two kinds. One is the whole plate cutting procedure used on the cutting machine (can be directly selected for cutting), the other is the hole information and slot information file of each small plate after the whole plate cutting, that is, the file used on the six-side drill. At the same time, the label information of each board is printed.

2.         Copy the cutting procedure of the whole plate to the cutting machine for the whole plate cutting, label after cutting, and then edge sealing processing.

3.         Seal the edge of the plate, the six - side drill for processing. Will before production use the six sides of drill hole panel is an information file copy to drill on six sides, and then sweep through wireless code gun, scan the label of panel, through CAM software automatically find and obtain the size information of panel, hole location information, information, slot and hole location information of panel and slot identifiable information into six sides drill system code, And CAM to optimize the code program, the realization of the processing mode and processing path optimization, with the shortest time to complete the plate hole and slot processing.

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