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Why do you need to choose FIVE AXIS CNC ROUTERS?

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When we want to make complex and precise parts, our first choice is FIVE AXIS CNC ROUTERS. What are FIVE AXIS CNC ROUTERS? What are the reasons for choosing 5-axis CNC machine?

  • l  What are FIVE AXIS CNC ROUTERS?

  • l  What is the application of 5 axis CNC router?

  • l  What are the reasons for choosing 5-axis CNC machine?

5 axis cnc router


Five-axis machining is a mode of NC machine tool machining. Compared with the common three-axis machining (X, Y, Z three degrees of freedom), five-axis machining refers to the machining of geometrically complex parts, requiring the tool to be able to locate and connect in five degrees of freedom.

What is the application of 5 axis CNC router?

1.         Machinery manufacturing: 5 axis CNC milling machine due to high processing accuracy, large processing area, aircraft parts, car engines, car transmissions and other large mechanical processing field is very popular.

2.         Mold manufacturing: because 5-axis CNC milling machine can process 5 directions of the workpiece, almost can produce a variety of molds, and will not be unable to process because the mold is three-dimensional.

3.         Furniture manufacturing: the 5-axis wood CNC machine tool can realize the repeated processing of multiple batches of furniture, and can process large pieces of wood at one time to maintain the integrity of furniture. Improve the production efficiency and quality of furniture.

4.         3D processing industry: Now more and more 3D processing industry choose to use 5-axis CNC engraving machine to achieve 3D processing of workpiece, not only can quickly process a variety of 3D workpiece, but also can mass production.

What are the reasons for choosing 5-axis CNC machine?

1.         Five-axis machining is often used in the aerospace field to process more complex parts, such as body parts with free-form surfaces, turbine parts and impeller parts. Five-axis machine tools can process different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece on the machine, which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of prismatic parts.

2.         When a part has a curved surface, the cutting state deteriorates gradually as the three-axis tool moves toward the top or edge of the workpiece. To maintain optimal cutting conditions at this point, the table rotates. If we want to complete an irregular plane, we must rotate the table many times in different directions. As can be seen, the 5-axis machine tool also avoids ball end milling cutter center point velocity of 0, thus obtaining better surface quality.

3.         In the actual processing, only one clamping, machining accuracy is more easily guaranteed. At the same time, due to the shortening of the process chain and the reduction in the number of five-axis machining center equipment, the number of fixtures, shop floor area and equipment maintenance costs are also reduced. This means you can complete more efficient, higher quality machining with fewer fixtures, less plant area and less maintenance costs!

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