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Why people choose industrial CNC Routers?

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Now everyone uses industrial CNC Router to produce cabinet doors. What are the advantages of industrial CNC Router? Where can Cabinet CNC Router be used?

  • l  What are the advantages of industrial CNC Router?

  • l  What materials can industrial CNC Router handle?

  • l  What are the types of CNC Routers?

cnc router

What are the advantages of industrial CNC Router?

1.         CNC planer as an advanced high-tech machine, its production efficiency is several times that of manual. At the same time, as a result of cabinet door processing by computer control, only the engraving design into the machine, can quickly perform a large number of repetitive cutting tasks, greatly improve production efficiency.

2.         The way that uses hand tool to carve ambry door before, always can appear a few careless carve mistake. Integral character, ambry door should have a little blemish only, can affect the integral character of ambry door and beautiful degree. This not only wastes materials, but also reduces work efficiency. However, if you use CNC woodworking engraving machine to produce cabinet doors, as long as the raw materials are fixed in the corresponding position, the machine will be cut according to the instructions issued by the computer, which can greatly avoid the cutting problem and reduce the waste of raw materials.

3.         With the rapid development of CNC wood milling machine, more and more people are learning. And compared with the previous manual cutting, do not need too much work experience, only need to master the operation method of CNC woodworking milling cutter, also make the work process more safe, basically will not happen safety accidents.

4.         If you use a CNC wood mill for cabinet doors, you can process almost any type of wood and fiberboard to your liking, and even some plastics and soft metals like aluminum. The material that is used at making ambry door on the market at present is more: medium density fibreboard, plywood, blackboard, melamine, hardwood, cork, live edge wood, plastic goods, acrylic, solid face material.

What materials can industrial CNC Router handle?

1.         Pine, walnut, oak and other soft hardwoods, as well as MDF and plywood, oriented particleboard, etc.

2.         Acrylic and plastic, such as plexiglass, HDPE, etc

3.         Aluminum composite materials, such as Dibond and Alcupanel

4.         Soft metals such as aluminum, brass, lead, copper

5.         Corina and similar acrylic matrix composites

6.         Foam and foam board

7.         Thought plate

8.         polystyrene

9.         Wood composite materials and veneer

What are the types of CNC Routers?

There are many different types of CNC Routers, the most popular being the 3-axis (or basic nesting machine). You can also have 4-axis and 5-axis machines, which will enable you to produce more complex products and designs with greater ease than standard 3-axis machines. However, compared to the 3-axis CNC Router, the added functionality comes with a higher cost.

Cabinet doors produced by industrial CNC Router are of high quality and are well received by buyers. If you are looking for a Cabinet CNC Router device with good price and quality, DWD MECHATRONICS CO.,LTD is a good choice.

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