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what is CNC nesting machine?

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Most people don't know what the CNC nesting router is, yet it is widely used in a variety of industries. What types of CNC machines are available? What is the CNC milling machine used for?

l What is a CNC nesting machine?

l What types of CNC nesting machines are available?

l What does the CNC nesting machine do?


What is a CNC nesting machine?

CNC nesting machine is a computer-controlled wood CNC machine tool, widely used in a variety of materials cutting, carving, milling planning, bagging. The CNC milling machine we say today is woodworking CNC milling machine, also often known as woodworking CNC machine, CNC woodcarving machine, CNC engraving machine, woodworking milling machine. It can process a variety of materials including hardwood and softwood, MDF, particleboard, acrylic, plastic, stone, soft metal, etc.

What types of CNC nesting machines are available?

1. Multi-process CNC cutting machine is a digital tracking equipment specially designed for manufacturing furniture product line. Common multi-process nesting CNC machine tools include: double process, three process, four process NC cutting machine. However, the CNC cutting machine in question has developed its own multi-process device by producing single and double cabinet heads. Various tool heads have different machining functions, but are not limited to these functions, such as cutting, slotting and drilling.

2. Automatic tool change CNC cutting machine, in the process of processing to assume the automatic tool change function, still complete positioning, optimization, cutting, punching, slotting, engraving. Equipped with separate tool libraries and each tool combination designed to perform critical machining functions on any nonmetallic material. The frame is embedded in a gantry type moving column structure, and all components of the equipment are precisely manufactured and assembled to improve maintainability, robustness, quality of work and durability. With all these advantages, this CNC nesting machine is widely used and respected in the industry because of its automatic tool change function.

What does the CNC nesting machine do?

If you are: craft enthusiast, or Gift, souvenir and wall art Workshop; Manufacturer of wooden or acrylic advertising signs, 3D letters, logos or nameplates; Furniture manufacturer, your business includes not only panel cutting and 2D pattern engraving, but also 3D engraving, such as engraving on chairs or table legs or columns and columns; Decoration industry service providers, your work involves wall decoration, interior decoration, relief, jewelry production, etc.; Manufacturers of wooden wainscoting or stairs and handrails; Or, in addition to wood, also need to process other materials, such as acrylic, ABS, epoxy resin, stone, foam, etc. The CNC nesting machine is your ideal choice.

Choosing the right CNC nesting router can certainly improve productivity, save labor, and bring more profit. If you are looking for a CNC nesting machine device with good price and quality, DWD MECHATRONICS CO., LTD is a good choice.

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