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Working size:1300*2500*600mm
Table size:1300*2500mm
B Axis:±90°
Transmission:X Y rack and pinion,Z ball screw
Spindle:9kw ISO30

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DWD MECHATRONICS CO.,LTD is a professional factory for researching and manufacturing cnc machine equipments. These equipments include ATC cnc routers, cnc machine center with automatic loading and unloading function,Horizontal driller,five-side cnc drilling machine,six-side cnc drilling machine and so on.
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How Does CNC Router work?

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Finish Installation of Nesting CNC Router Machine in Canada for ACP Sheet Process

Nesting CNC Machine NA-1650 is finished installation in Canada in October ,2022 Nesting CNC Router Machine NA-1650 is special designed for ACP processing. With big working size 1600*5000mm , machine can process big ACP sheet.And any other big size machine is customized. What is ACP sheet panel? ACP

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Why you need cabinet CNC machine?

Why you need cabinet CNC machine?CNC routers play an important role in markets such as furniture design, plastics and foam manufacturing. What should be considered before purchasing cabinet CNC machine? Why choose cabinet CNC router? l What is cabinet CNC machine?l Why choose cabinet CNC router?l

Why we need CNC nesting router?

Why is a CNC nesting machine important for many industries? What's so special about the CNC machines? Why would the world of furniture manufacturing need a CNC nesting machine? l What is the CNC nesting machine?l What are the advantages of the CNC nesting machine?

Where can NESTING CNC machines be used?

We all know that NESTING CNC machines play an important role in manufacturing. Why do people choose nested CNC machines? How does CNC nesting machine work? l NESTING CNC machines How do NESTING CNC machines work?l Why do people choose nested CNC machines?

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